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In 2005, we bought a beautiful piece of land at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala in Triuvannamalai on which seven houses for orphans and streetkids have been built. Each house has become the new home of seven to nine kids and a housmom. The cooking is done in a small kitchen building so that in the houses the women can focus solely on caring for the kids.
Some of the little ones come from the area affected by the tsunami, the other children come from Tiruvannamalai or the surrounding villages, where the living conditions are partly extremely bad. Most children are (half-) orphans or have been abandoned by their parents.

It is our vision to give a happy childhood and the feeling of being safe and loved to the kids who need it most. When we chose our kids we were confronted with destinies which moved us deeply and which show very clearly that there is a huge number of kids in India who need a home and whose bodies and minds need to be nourished.

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A huge thank you goes to all those people who have made it possible to build these heartkids homes.

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