Kidscenter (Tribals)

pr tribals 1On 11 July 2007 the inauguration party of the kidcenter in a Irula village took place. The Irula belong to the Adivasi ethnic group (native Indians) who are amongst the poorest in the country. Being non-hindus, the Adivasi are discriminated against as pariahs and exploited by the Indian society.

The natives have a harder time finding jobs, are a lot less well skilled and even often turned away in hospitals. Due to that, we decided to help to enable the kids of a small village about 40 km from Tiruvannamalai to live a better and more human life. Many of the kids are malnourished and attend school only irregularly.

Sometimes, the parents have no other possibility than to "sell" their kids to rich families where they work as household servants and where they are unscrupulously exploited. We wish that these kids receive a good education, and thereby have a good foundation for the future. We wish that they do no longer feel so lost and forgotten, that they draw hope and are allowed to grow into self-confident, happy and alert adults.

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