Judith Retz ( *11.11.1976)

judith web 1Founder and chairmwomen of Heartkids e.V. (registered association)

Degree in social education/social work (main focus: work with young girls and women, work with children and adolescents with mental-health problems, trauma work.)

At Heartkids responsible for:
- project coordination
- arrangement of sponsorships
- press contacts
- lectures in Germany
- website design
- administration
- contact person for trainees
- and whatever else is needed...


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Stephan Rau ( *11.02.1975)

stephan crew 1

2nd chairman Heartkids e.V.

Heartkids volunteer in Berlin

Heartkids responsibilities:

- German contact
- composer of the Heartkids-Song
- delivery of donation receipts


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Richard Dvorák

ritchie hp

The Heartkids web-angel and photographer

-website design
-support for all PC problems
-takes wonderful pictures of the Heartkids when visiting the projects (for the website, newsletter, newsletter articles, slideshows and so on)
-greatly recommened for everything ranging from photograhy, webdesign and hosting - clic HERE for more information


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